Nimue Style 3 - Choose your shoes! -

Nimue style 3:

Shapes: Created by me
Skins: Glam Affair Margot Europa (Model in Azure and Yellow) - Glance December (Model in Pink)
Hairs: Elikatira -Over- Brown 8 (Model in Pink) - Exile -Fade your into- Raven (Model in Azure) - Elikatira -Parade- Red 8 (Model in yellow)
Dresses: Ashmoot Spring sexy minidress Azure- Yellow - Shocking Pink (Cosmopolitan sales room)
Shoes: Ashmoot heels laced sandals Azure- Yellow - Schocking Pink (Cosmopolitan sales room)
Socks/Tights: Izzie's socks color (Model In Azure) - Izzie's hearts tights (Model in Pink)
Slink Mesh hands and Feets Mid

Hugs to Kristabel ^^
Comment if you want!

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